New developments is the preferred option when it comes to housing investment.


for foreign citizens:

in Spain from selection to property management.

You are planning to buy a new building as a second home, and Spain is on your list as a country where it makes sense to buy such a house. In this guide, we will tell you how your journey from choosing a new building in Spain to buying it can look like, and what you need to make ownership hassle-free and bring both pleasure and benefit.

The first part of the guide will discuss the process of choosing and purchasing a new building in Spain by a foreign citizen. The following stages will be considered:
- selection of the region, location, type of housing, etc.
- reservation of selected real estate and signing of a private sales contract;
- steps to be taken by the foreign buyer in order to be ready to sign the contract of sale after the completion of construction in the presence of a notary;
- definition and methods of financing the purchase of real estate;
- and finally, about the process of signing the contract of sale in the presence of a notary and taxes.

In the second part, we will tell you what the developer should do. You must understand what happens at each stage of construction and what mandatory legal procedures the developer must go through from the stage of obtaining a construction license to the right to sell newly built real estate.

In the last part, we will talk about the management of already acquired property. If you are a foreigner and the owner of real estate in Spain, you need to know how to manage your real estate so that ownership is trouble-free, and in the case of providing tourism services as a landlord, also profitable. You should take care of such things as:
- payment of taxes;
- submission of tax declarations;
- integrated management of tourist services;
- property insurance depending on needs;
- managing your real estate investments in Spain.


A decent level of quality of life according to your expectations
Selected projects built according to your expectations: a decent level of quality of life, a comfortable and safe environment, high quality materials and environmentally friendly processes.  



Madrid and Andalusiaare the regions with the most competitive tax systems.


Foreign demand for housing

Foreign demand for housing has maintained its intense strength in the home purchase market in Spain.


The main parameter of our selection of luxury real estate projects is the location, district, city, country in which the property is located.
Luxury real estate is defined by several combined characteristics: location, price, size, furniture and other interior details, neighboring houses, economic and social advantages located nearby, construction structure and materials, security and privacy.
However, the main parameter is the location, district, city, country in which the property is located.
All these characteristics form the basis of our selection of luxury real estate projects. 


Marbella Town Hall



The Digital Nomad Visa

Without paying tax on assets or money held abroad for five years.


Certification of buildings from the point of view of sustainability.
Selection criteria for ESG real estate projects:

- Environmental care.
- Energy efficiency.
- Responsible waste management.
- Protection of society as a whole.
- Risk assessment and management.
- Certification of buildings from the point of view of sustainability. 

offers clients the purchase of a new second home (from apartments to villas) in Spain.

We offer you to choose a property according to your individual lifestyle ( classic , luxury , innovative , sustainable ) as a safe investment, profitable preservation of wealth, with further real estate management, to fully experience the joy and pleasure of owning,

All this is possible thanks to a complex, carefully designed and intelligently digitized process, which includes the following stages:

explore: the stage of familiarization with Spain and the selected region;

new developments: the stage of choosing and buying new real estate;

management: hassle-free and profitable ownership of residential real estate. 

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