Foreign demand for housing

Foreign demand for housing has maintained its intense strength in the home purchase market in Spain.

Foreign demand for housing has maintained its intense strength in the home purchase market in Spain, in line with the results of recent years, becoming a particularly relevant factor in maintaining outstanding amounts in home sales. In the second quarter of the year, 14.94% of home purchases corresponded to foreigners.

The provinces with the largest share of home purchases by foreigners in the second quarter were Alicante (44.67%), Santa Cruz de Tenerife (38.01%), Malaga (32.02%), Balearic Islands (30.38%), Girona (29.20%), Murcia (23.56%) and Las Palmas (23.45%).

In absolute terms, the best quarterly results were achieved by the British (1,966), Germans (1,619), French (1,465), Moroccans (1,200), Italians (1,166), Romanians (1,151), Belgians (1,138) and the Dutch. (1030).


Vital is the surge property buyers from Sweden and Norway which have continuously been expanding their  market share over the last a long time. The final two years have seen the solid rise of the Polish market as well as buyers from Eastern Europe, certainly as a reaction to the war within the Ukraine, but too for the same reasons as most others: the want to alter way of life to a warmer climate in a high-quality zone of the southernmost part of Europe, distant from the issues and potential threats of Central Europe. Marbella has moreover been a top pick put for Center Eastern property buyers since the late 1970’s, and remains so nowadays with numerous looking into buying a domestic not as it were for holidays but moreover as a implies to get the Spanish “Golden Visa”.


Madrid and Andalusiaare the regions with the most competitive tax systems.

Without paying tax on assets or money held abroad for five years.


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