Madrid and Andalusiaare the regions with the most competitive tax systems.

Juanma Moreno, the Andalusia Junta’s president, has never denied in his assertion that “the Community of Madrid” is the “mirror” to which he looks as he pushes tax cuts. Thanks to a tax policy, Andalusia has the second lowest tax burden in Spain, inferior to Madrid. This is the first time that Andalusia has ranked so high in the IACF (American Tax Foundation), which has conducted this classification annually since 2017, taking into account  income tax, wealth tax, inheritance tax and transfer tax are taken into account assets (ITP) and documented legal acts (AJD), as well as taxes specific to each region. (1)

Andalusia and Madrid have seen the highest levels of capital growth in Spain, with no other region coming close. Among Andalusia’s tax benefits are: In most cases, gift and inheritance tax is abolished in Andalusia; Property transfer tax is reduced to 7% (flat rate)  and of stamp duty to 1.2%, the abolishing of the wealth tax, and the lowering of income tax.


Foreign demand for housing has maintained its intense strength in the home purchase market in Spain.

Without paying tax on assets or money held abroad for five years.


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