Spain is a country of natural beauty with a fascinating past and present that combine tradition and modernity. 

No matter where you want to go, every city is part of a land full of warmth, sun, joy and happiness. Spain is a wonderful place for leisure and quality of life, but that's not enough for them :). 

The Spanish have set themselves the goal of making Spain an Nación Emprendedora. They want to make the country a haven for talent so that it will be a wonderful place not only to relax and live, but also to work. We have personally experienced the implementation of this strategy in action. Andalucía Lab has welcomed us into its ecosystem, and  ​​CADE Marbella  is helping us by advising us on how to implement our project.
The potential is inspiring. Already today, according to The Wealth Report 2022 research , one in five foreigners planning to buy a property in another country chooses Spain. With this approach, there will be more and more applicants each year.

This is also facilitated by developers who create new developments projects in the country. Even the most affordable projects offer a decent level of quality of life, a comfortable and safe environment, high-quality construction materials, and environmentally friendly processes. And projects of a higher level create amazing conditions for life, recreation and work. We want to share our inspiration with you and invite you to join. Welcome!








Purchase and ownership of a new build property by a foreigner in Spain

Buying a new build property in Spain can seem like a daunting task for a foreigner. Judge for yourself:


Purchase taxes:

VAT - 10% and this is applied to each payment that is made to the developer;

AJD - stamp duty, which is paid when signing the deed of sale in the presence of a notary, and now amounts to 1.5% of the declared value of the property.

Estate tax:

IBI property tax - a municipal tax that is paid every year and is calculated based on the appraised value of the property;

The Non-Resident Income Tax is paid by those who own real estate in Spain, but do not officially reside in the country permanently, that is, they pay taxes in another country.

Purchasing process

Region Selection

Depending on personal preferences, you should choose a coastal or inland region. At the same time, you must take into account the climate, the landscape, the cultural conditions and the ways of traveling. Also pay attention to the services available.

Book a new build property

While the house is still under construction, a reservation contract is signed to reserve the selected property. Then a private purchase contract is signed and when the house is delivered, the purchase process is completed by signing the deed of sale before a notary.

Bank account, NIE ID for foreigners and PBC - anti-money laundering audit 

Open a bank account in Spain. Obtaining the national identity document for foreigners NIE and verification that the buyer received the funds to purchase the property legally - PBC.


Check the options to finance the purchase of real estate in your country. Spanish banks can grant a mortgage to a foreign buyer for up to 50% of the value of the property, usually they will not approve for a higher amount.

Ownership of the property in Spain

Rental management, if there are plans to receive rental income; Payment of utility bills; Sure; Taxes and annual income statement; Evaluation of the investment attractiveness of real estate and reinvestment in other real estate, if necessary.


The best new real estate

developments in Spain

We take care
of all 
the worries


a reliable preservation of wealth;

a profitable and trouble-free possession of the property;

pleasure and joy;


offers clients the purchase of a new second home (from apartments to villas) in Spain.

We offer you to choose a property according to your individual lifestyle ( classic , luxury , innovative , sustainable ) as a safe investment, profitable preservation of wealth, with further real estate management, to fully experience the joy and pleasure of owning,

All this is possible thanks to a complex, carefully designed and intelligently digitized process, which includes the following stages:

explore: the stage of familiarization with Spain and the selected region;

new developments: the stage of choosing and buying new real estate;

management: hassle-free and profitable ownership of residential real estate. 

Our values, which are reflected in our services, processes and relationships.


Our leadership is based on:

- strategic perspective: search and implementation of the best opportunities;
- innovation, which helps create a personalized customer experience, anticipating their wishes and needs;
- partnership: a long-term approach to building partnerships, both within the company, the ecosystem, and with customers.



- common vision of the desired result;
- mutual trust (openness of cooperation conditions, openness of processes, openness in problem solving).


We practice empathy by putting ourselves in the client's shoes.


Inspiration allows you to get things done faster and get a great end result. Inspiration is contagious, we strive to inspire ourselves and share inspiration with our customers for the sake of common success.

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New developments is the preferred option when it comes to housing investment.



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