If you're thinking of buying property in a particular region, there's no better way to make sure your decision is the right one than to live there for a 


Book a trip

Book everything in one place. Flights, hotels, cars, trains. All.

Experience planning 

Architecture, restoration, music, fashion, business, etc.

Houses Explore

Pre-agreed project viewing itinerary according to client preferences.

Book a trip

Book everything in one place. Flights, hotels, cars, trains. All. Say goodbye to 27 tabs and hours of searching.

Get ridiculous flexibility that allows you to cancel up to 2 hours before you go and get at least 80% of your money back. Guaranteed.


Experience planning  

Architecture, restaurants, music, fashion, business, etc. 

We select the best places in the cities. 

A custom route based on: 

How many days do you travel

We just want to show you the best plans for the season.

Level of experience with the city

Are you in town for the first time? Do you already have a certain level of familiarity with the city? 


Travel companions

Are you traveling with the whole family? Business? Partner? It does not matter! We offer you plans depending on your preferences and fellow travelers.


Eat well? Shopping? Go out? We focus on giving you relevant recommendations for you.

Luxury concierge service 

Houses Explore

Pre-agreed object viewing itinerary according to customer preferences.

Individual view of the selected objects. Customer experience of living in developer apartments, if possible (see next slides).

Know the area, including beaches, restaurants, shopping centers, etc.

Meetings with banks, lawyers, if necessary.

Meetings with owners, if renting is planned.

Reservation of the selected object.


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E-mail: micasa@asacasa.eu

Address: N-340, Km 189, 29604 Marbella, Málaga

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